Furman University’s Department of Housing and Residence Life is employing an intentional and comprehensive plan to renovate the residence halls. The renovation will upgrade the mechanical systems to enhance their efficiency and contribute to the University’s sustainability goals, while the student rooms and civic spaces will be enhanced to meet the needs of today’s students. The plans embrace a flexible design to allow for future modifications to meet changing student and programmatic needs.

Phase 1, completed in the summer of 2015, replaced the mechanical systems which serve all seven residence halls in Lakeside Housing, and renovated the student rooms and civic spaces in Judson Hall. This renovation upgraded the mechanical systems to enhance their efficiency and contribute to the University’s sustainability goals, while also modernized student rooms and civic spaces, including transforming the parlors into the Lake Level Lounge. This new space, which looks-out onto the Furman Lake and Bell Tower, has become a dynamic, multi-use environment complete with student lounges, study space, a catering staging area, and seminar rooms.

Phase 2 will be completed during the summer of 2016, and will apply the same outcomes in phase 1 to McBee, Townes, Ramsay, and Haynsworth residence halls. This work is scheduled to begin immediately upon students’ departure in May, and is expected to be completed prior to the start of classes in August.

The key mechanical system to be replaced is the HVAC system. This renewal exchanges the inefficient fan coil units in each room with induction units that are up to 30% more efficient. Another notable change includes the replacement of old fluorescent light fixtures with state of the art LED fixtures. These new fixtures will use approximately ½ the energy and provide significantly more effective light more closely aligned to natural light sources.

Additional enhancements include the addition of 16 lounges to foster social connections, individual thermostat controls in each residence hall room, and the buildings will now be fully sprinkled for improved fire protection and safety.

Phase 3 will begin during the summer of 2016, and will be completed during the summer of 2017. During the summer of 2016, the carpet and ceiling paint will be removed from the rooms to abate the entire building in preparation for the summer of 2017 renovation. This means the rooms will be unfinished concrete floors and unpainted ceilings.

The timeline, and all related plans, which guide the work to be completed has been developed by a team of representatives from across campus and included student input via focus groups. While some points in the timeline may lead to changes in normal operations, and challenge faculty, staff, students, and administrative offices to modify their plans, the aggressive timeline is necessary to complete the work over the summer, without taking our buildings offline for an entire academic year.

Students participating in May X will be housed in their current housing assignment, however those living in affected buildings will be required to move to a room in South Housing on May 4th.

Students assigned to live in the affected buildings for the Fall 2016 semester, and who are required by the University to arrive early for the fall semester, will be assigned to an interim location pending the opening of the closed residence halls in Lakeside. Assuming no unexpected construction delays, we anticipate student rooms in the affected residence halls will be ready for occupancy on August 15th.

If you are planning to live in one of these residence halls during the 2016 - 2017 academic year, keep these details in mind:

  • All Lakeside Housing buildings will go off-line at 10 a.m., Thursday, May 5.
  • All students living in all Lakeside Housing buildings who want to live on-campus during May Experience will be required to move to South Housing.
  • Students registered for May Experience who live in Lakeside Housing will be directed to the South Housing RA Office on May 4, and will be given an assignment for the May term.
  • The room floors in Gambrell and Chiles residence halls will not be carpeted; these floors will be unfinished concrete with rugs provided.
  • All students assigned to live in Lakeside Housing for the fall semester will not be permitted to move-in early.
  • Fall 2016 students assigned to Lakeside Housing, and required by the University to be on-campus prior to the opening of Housing, will be assigned a temporary location upon their arrival. They will be informed of this location at the time of their arrival to campus.
  • Students arriving early must move from their temporary location to their fall housing assignment on August 19.

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