Course Load

A normal course load each semester will be 16 credits; a typical student course load will consist of 4 four-credit courses. The minimum number of credits required for the award of a bachelor’s degree will still be 128 credits, eight semesters earning 16 credits each semester. After all students have had their first opportunity to register through ICE for the next semester, students in good academic standing who have already completed 32 credits are permitted to increase their course load up to 18 credits during the Course Adjustment period. Students with a grade point average of 3.30 or greater in their past 32 credits will be able to enroll for up to 20 credits at this point.

Students seeking to audit a course, enrolling for a credit-bearing course on a non-credit basis, may do so by submitting a completed audit request in person to the Registrar's Office. Again, this may be accomplished only after all students have had their first opportunity to register through ICE for the next semester.

If you are considering enrolling for fewer than 12 credits you will not be considered a full-time student. We strongly suggest you consult with your advisor, Financial Aid, and/or the Registrar's Office. if this is your intention for any semester. Underloading may impact your financial aid eligibility, your progress toward degree completion, your participation in co-curricular activities (especially intercollegiate athletics) at Furman and may even affect interests outside of the university, such as your health insurance coverage.

Pass-No Pass

You may elect a pass-no pass grading option for selected courses that you have already registered, consistent with the pass-no pass policy as stated in the university catalog anytime during the Course Adjustment period. Click on the Forms and Worksheets link on the right hand navigation get a request or stop by our offices to learn more about this option. The final day for declaring courses pass-no pass is the mid-term date of each term. Consult the Important Dates page for specific information about mid-term dates.

Individualized Instruction

Internships, Independent Study, and Research opportunities offered on a "for-credit" basis are available in many academic departments each term. Consult with the department of interest to determine your eligibility for this type of instruction and identify a faculty member to supervise your internship, independent study, or research experience.

You may register this type of instruction (typically courses numbered 500 through 599) at any time once the registration process for the desired term has begun. Obtain an individualized instruction approval form from the Registrar, finalize details with the appropriate academic department and supervising faculty member, and return the completed request to our office, Administration Building Room 004, for processing no later than the final day of the course adjustment period.

Be mindful, no more than 12 credits earned through individualized instruction may contribute to the 128 credits required for the award of the bachelor's degree at Furman.

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