All students may use MyFurman to build and adjust their course schedules as they see fit during designated periods identified on the Important Dates page. The registration period for the spring semester begins each year in late October and for the fall semester in late March with staggered start times for all returning students.

The web drop-add period is available for web-based transactions for first five percent (four class days) of the semester. Restricted drop-add by paper follows for an additional ten percent of the semester (seven class days). During restricted drop-add you will need specific approval from the instructor to be registered for a course. You should consult with your academic advisor before making any changes to your schedule.

Adding Courses

In order to add courses to your schedule, you will first need to log into the MyFurman portal. If you need to find a course, you can use the “Course Listings” option under the “Registration” heading to identify the information about a course, including the course number and the space available. Once you have found the information for an available class, you will need to select the “Course Section to Add” option under the same heading to get registered.


On the “Course Sections to Add” page, you need to fill in the Subject, Course Number, Section Number (including leading zero), and the term for which you are registering and hit the submit button.


After submitting the form, you will be automatically directed the processing page, where you can add the course to your schedules. If for some reason you are not redirected, you can access this page directly by selecting “Register for Courses” under the “Registration” heading in MyFurman.

Here you will need to select an action for each course under the “Preferred Sections” portion. Select “Register” from the “Action” drop-down menu, and be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

As long as there are no issues, this course will now be added to your schedule, and will appear under the “Current Registrations” list at the bottom of the page. If there are any issues that would prevent registration, an error message describing the issue will appear at the top of the page in red text.

If there is a situation preventing registration through web drop-add (like instructor permission required, time conflict, the course is full, etc.) you will need to use a paper drop-add request to get registered. Once you have obtained your advisor and the instructor’s signature on the drop-add request, bring the sheet to the Registrar’s Office and we’ll get you added.

Dropping Courses

If you need to drop a course, this is handled by selecting “Register for Courses” under the “Registration” heading – the same page as processing the addition of a new course. In fact, you can do both steps at the same time!

To drop a course, all you have to do is check the box under the “Drop” heading next to the course you wish to remove. After selecting, just hit submit and it will no longer be on your schedule.

If you wish to drop and add courses at the same time, be sure to choose the “Allow me to adjust all” from the “If one of my choices is not available” menu towards the bottom of the screen.

Restricted Drop-Add

After the web-based drop-add period is over, you will have to use the paper drop-add request in order to adjust your schedule. During this time, you will need to secure specific approval from the instructor to be registered for a course. Be sure to get both the instructor and your advisor’s signature on that request, then bring it to the Registrar’s office and we’ll get the changes made. Be sure to check the Important Dates page for more information on these designated periods.


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