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The Furman community offers multiple opportunities to connect, celebrate, and learn about diversity and inclusion. Below is not a complete of all offerings, but provides a starting point to enrich your Furman experience.

Academic Programs
At Furman, we're committed to exploring the cultural dimensions of our global community. That’s why we've developed a number of interdisciplinary minors and courses to help you understand the cultures, histories, and intellectual traditions that shape the experiences of people in our growing, pluralistic world. Read more about our academic programs.

Furman is home to a spiritual community that is not only tolerant, but actively engaged in exploring and understanding different religions. There are more than 20 student groups representing different faiths on campus. Learn more about Furman's multi-faith groups.

Cultural Life Program
The intent of the Cultural Life Program (CLP) is to encourage students to attend a variety of high quality events that provide enriching, challenging cultural experiences. Collectively, events designated as CLPs should engage students in a spectrum of issues, ideas, and artistic expressions from various disciplines and cultures. Events foster a sense of community on campus and help those in attendance see multiple compelling and legitimate views on cultural issues, inspiring a life-long pursuit of intellectual fulfillment and cultural engagement. See the calendar of upcoming events.

Dialogue Initiative
Furman's Dialogue Initiative is a joint effort between student life and academic affairs to provide students with meaningful dialogue-based opportunities. Opportunities will include credit-bearing dialogue courses, as well as “Dins Dialogue” workshops in response to current events and student organizations’ needs. Through these efforts, Furman’s Dialogue Initiative will work to create and support a campus in which students engage in open and constructive dialogue, learning, and exploration concerning issues of social identity, intergroup relations, conflict, and community. For more information contact Claire Whitlinger, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department.

Center for Inclusive Communities
The Center for Inclusive Communities (CIC) seeks to create a living and learning environment that fosters belonging for historically underrepresented students as well as causes all students to thoughtfully reflect on diversity and inclusion in the liberal arts tradition of engaged citizenship. Staff collaborate with a variety of administrative and academic units on campus to intentionally design a comprehensive, university-wide approach to diversity; facilitate equity, access, and social justice; and empower students to build a diverse and inclusive campus community. Visit the Center for Inclusive Communities.

Gender and Sexuality
Engaging diversity is not limited to our encounters with people from different regional, class, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Meaningful difference comes about as well because people experience their genders and sexualities differently from the ways others do. We recognize and celebrate such differences, and provide a number of support services that foster the well-being and happiness of women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer students. Read more about gender and sexuality and find additional resources for transgender students.

Identity- or Cultural-Based Student Organizations
Furman has more than 150 social, recreational, religious, professional, honorary, and special interest student organizations. All organizations are open to all Furman students. Read more information on Identity- or Cultural-Based organizations.

Library Resources
The James B. Duke Library has an assortment of resources on diversity and inclusion, ranging from books and articles to feature films and journals. This resource includes subject guides for African American and African Diaspora Cultures, Religion and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Visit our library website.

Riley Institute-Diversity Leaders Initiative
The Diversity Leaders Initiative is a collaborative program that imparts deep knowledge and skills to effectively manage and lead increasingly diverse workers, clients and constituents in South Carolina. Learn more about the Initiative.

Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education
Furman University provides anything but a confined experience. From implementing faculty-led study away programs to creating a welcoming home for international students, the David and Leighan Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education will expose you to a wide variety of cultures, experiences, ideas and people. Read more about the Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education.

Staff Advisory Council
The Staff Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to Furman's administration, exploring issues, policies and practices that impact staff members. The council suggests new policy initiatives and advocates for staff welfare and development. Visit the Staff Advisory Council site.

Student Office of Accessibility Resources (SOAR)
The Student Office for Accessibility Resources is committed to providing students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access Furman's programs and facilities. Read more about SOAR.​​​​

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